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Do you feel unable to enjoy your life? Do you worry or obsess about new situations or people? Are you tense, unable to relax, nervous and worried about the future?

Do you sometimes have a faster, irregular or more noticeable heartbeat? Do you have sporadic chest or head aches, ongoing stomach or bowel problems? Do you feel lightheaded, dizzy and lack focus; that 'brain fog' feeling?

Are you struggling to form or maintain relationships? Do you avoid some places, situations or people? Are you unable to enjoy your leisure time the way you want?

Whilst it is natural and indeed helpful to feel anxious in some situations, prolonged anxiety can be hugely debilitating and is known to affect at least 12% of the population. Anxiety can rob us of our confidence, our freedom and our happiness.

I've helped a lot of people overcome anxiety & PTSD and I'm confident I can help you.

Understanding Anxiety

When you know how something works its far easier to manage:

Anxiety can be 'digital' (spontaneous & immediate) or 'analogue' (where it builds up over time) Understanding your anxiety will determine how we proceed and the interventions we use.

Anxiety is often rooted in past events that presented significant change to our life - especially when we were very young. Sometimes these events become discounted or even forgotten, but their legacy is the anxiety we feel today.

We don't 'have' anxiety, we 'do' anxiety - it's a habit or pattern of emotions & behaviours that originally served to keep us safe and happy. Over time, those emotions and behaviours outlive that purpose and often grow to the point where we struggle to function normally.

Anxiety. Woman Joy SM

The anxiety solution tailored to you

We are all different and respond in our own unique way, so I will tailor a bespoke program of interventions both in session and for you to run at home. I will give you a range of powerful and highly effective tools & exercises which - if you follow them - will allow you to free yourself from anxiety.

I aim to take my clients to a good level of change in 5 to 7 sessions. If you work with me, engage in the process and do the work you cannot help but feel better - fast.

Imagine now how wonderful it will feel to be able to live the life you really want. What will you do? Where will you go and how amazing will it be to live your life to the full and really enjoy that freedom?

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